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Why Atomy business ?


HemoHIM+ and Atom美 are two representing product brands that Atomy distributes through network marketing.Those two brands are born upon a miraculous harmony of R&D and marketing: 

The Korea Atomic Energy Institute (KAERI) develops not only the nuclear fusion technology but also the Radiation Fusion Technology (RT) as an important source of cross-cutting original technology for the future.

According to the national policy of Green Growth by atomic and radiation fusion technologies, which is set by Korean government as the motive for national growth, there have been encouragement and support for the syndication between research institute and industrial companies to generate new R&D joint-venture.

Upon such environment, KAERI and network-ODM company KOLMAR KOREA have launched the institutional venture company named Sun Bio Tech in 2004. SBT is approved to be the country’s First Institutional Venture Company in 2006 by the Korean government.

KAERI’s advanced fusion technology of RT, BT, IT, ET and NT have been met by the professional and industrial R&D of KOLMAR medicines and cosmetics, which has bred the Super Brands as HemoHIM+ and Atom美.

Worldwide patented new substances and technologies are adapted to produce those products, and Atomy Super Network Marketing System is applied to complete the blue ocean of global market of the excellent goods. (Learn more of Atomy Marketing System and Super Masstige HERE)

Experience and feel Atomy Super Fusion today, by meeting HemoHIM+ and Atom美 Technologies and industries are truly at service for your life in Atomy.

The founder of Atomy’s Super Network Marketing System believes in true heart of everyone.  When most companies make profits for company officers and shareholders, he envisioned a unique system of network marketing upon his own experiences in various business fields. 

Hans Han-Gil Park, founder of Atomy Co. Ltd. and CEO of Atomy America Inc., understood the hidden costs within the cycle of production, distribution and management.  Upon integrating with R&D and production partners of KAERI, KOLMAR KOREA, and their affiliated joint-venture company Sun Bio Tech, he realized and envisioned the concept of Super Masstige and Mass Capitalism.

Top quality product at lowest marginal price creates an efficient market, coupled with absolute satisfaction service by the Infinite Return Policy.

The miraculous Super Fusion of R&D, BT, ET, IT and NT from KAERI. 100 years of OEM and ODM experience from KOLMAR medicines and cosmetics, and the innovative distribution method of Atomy network marketing has proven to be successful after the first year of launching the business.

Consumers of HemoHIM and ATOMY products were impressed and grew to love the products.  They voluntarily passed the products to others.  Active consumers joined the company as sales partner, and then were rewarded with successful marketing plan.

Earlier members who joined the sales and marketing were eventually turned in becoming marketing professionals, sponsored by Hans Han-Gil Park.  Super Masstige products are relatively easy to distribute, without the high costs of commercial advertising, by making profits to be re-distributed back to members.

Super Masstige is revealed and proven to become a powerful business model for success.  “Success to All, Hub of Distribution, Super Class Company” is the goal of Atomy, as a marketing company which is to be accomplished at all times.

Mass Capitalism is the core philosophy of the founder of Atomy Super Network Marketing. Inspired by the famous work of Napoleon Hill, “Think and Grow Rich,” as other countless souls around the world, he has kept self-learning the principles of successful life, while absorbing more knowledge and wisdom found by other various social scientists.However, upon his actual field experiences of business, ranging from auto-part manufacturing, food and cosmetics to large-scale online shopping mall, what he truly adapted as root of success was LOVE. 

As a born-again Christian, the founder of Atomy Network Marketing System, Hans Han-Gil Park, understood love as the power source that transfers a soul from mortal destiny to eternal life. And it is priceless!

When establishing Atomy Co., Ltd in Korea, not only his experience and knowledge were used to develop the marketing plan, but the spirit in his mind also worked for the good purpose: Success of All.

Hans Han-Gil Park gave up the complicated methods of academic theories for personal-success. Instead, he designed most simple but effective guideline by four phrases: Cherish the Spirit, Create the Vision, Follow the Faith, and Serve in Humility, which is the Atomy company motto.

The guidelines have worked and working continuously.

Sponsored by various business experts, more and more Atomy Members around the world are experiencing new aspects of successful life, in a holistic and financial balance, respectfully.

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